Joan Gilbert has been replacing cane and rush in chairs, settees, bedheads etc., for many years and is recognised as second to none for her quality and skill. She is pleased to accept work from the trade and private individuals.

All patterns of cane can be reproduced, Cane Chair Sample including single set, double set, sunset patterns, hanging medallions, blind holes and French close caning. Chairs which have been upholstered because nobody could be found to re-cane or rush them can be restored to their original appearance.

Only the best materials are used - split cane imported from Indonesia in six widths, and English rush from the Fen country and the River Thames. Rush Chair Sample

Many people who have despaired of having their cane or rush chairs restored have been delighted to find that this work can be expertly carried out by Joan Gilbert who is doing a traditional hand craft with expert and painstaking thoroughness.

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50 Ashbourne Rd,
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01332 344363