Set of four balloon back cane chairs
Set of four balloon back cane chairs
Ladder back chairs
Ladder back rush chairs
Dining chairs
Carver or dining chairs in rush
Deck chair
Steamship cane deck chair
Rocking chair
Thonet bentwood rocking chair from late 1800s
English Bergere settee with blind holes and centre medallions
Can handles
Liberties coffee and tea pots with cane handles
French style
An example of close set or French style caning
Near perfect symmetry
Close up showing the symmetry of the weave in a cane chair
Before and during
One of a set of chairs that arrived as a "jigsaw puzzle"
Bamboo style
Bamboo style rush chairs
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor
Owners who gave up the throne seen on chairs later repaired by Joan Gilbert
Pair of rush chairs
A pair of rush chairs

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